Wondering which design trends will dominate the year ahead?

Here are the ones that we here at Rencraft feel will be worth watching …

The trends that tend to have the most staying power are the ones that tap into the mood of the moment. As we start the new decade there is a general mood of optimism, but one that is underlined with an unsettling sense of instability, both in terms of the economic climate and also an increasing awareness of the fragility of the environment we inhabit. Like it or not, change is upon us, but how will this be reflected in our choices within the home?

Rencraft anticipates that the year ahead will see us embracing the use of natural materials, in part out of a strong desire to reconnect with the natural world. We will see more exposed wood in our homes, more greenery, and more earthy toned colours such as sage green, dusky pinks, burnt orange and midnight blues paired with oak, birch, olive wood or even bamboo.

Many will seek comfort in the sanctuary of their own space. An Englishman’s home is his castle, after all, and 2020 will see people actively choosing to surround themselves with carefully considered pieces that bring joy into their world.

We believe that people will strive for simplicity too. As we become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment there will be a move towards minimalism rather than consumerism and this will be reflected in the way we style our homes. In the kitchen, storage will continue to be important, keeping clutter at bay, so that the surface of our lives appears clean and ordered (even if there are still a million and one items hidden behind closed doors!)

This sense of getting back to nature and of returning to the source will express itself in a yearning towards retro or vintage inspired designs. Upcycling will continue to be on trend, allowing people to welcome one or two pieces of lovingly restored vintage or antique furniture into their home. In the kitchen, retro fusion will see flat-fronted cabinetry (pictured), exposed edges and pieces of free standing furniture sat neatly alongside the latest appliances and smart home hubs (many of which themselves appear somewhat retro in design).

After all, it is important to recognise that 2020 is also the dawn of a new decade. The future is upon us and these nostalgic and comforting reflections on the past will simultaneously be tempered by our desire to embrace certain technological advancements. Connectivity, modern appliances and our need for convenience to aid our increasingly flexible lifestyles will also be important factors.

Is 2020 the year that you will embark upon a new kitchen design? Why not give us a call or request one of our brochures to see how we can turn your design dreams into reality.