Our look at the trends that will be influencing kitchen design this year…

Typically, around this time of year we would start to gaze into our crystal ball to predict the colours and materials that we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of in your homes over the months ahead. But 2020 was far from typical, so our 2021 Design Trends feature is going to dig a little bit deeper.

We’re not here to tell you that blue is the latest must-have colour for your kitchen, or that cup handles are here to stay. Instead, we’re going to look at some of the wider influences that we think will begin to filter through to the decisions you make about your home, and how you can incorporate these into your kitchen design.

1) Biophilic design or cottagecore – a couple of phrases you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the world of architecture and interiors throughout 2021. Essentially, they are both concerned with the idea of embracing our natural surroundings and bringing elements of the outside world in to our interiors. At Rencraft, this is best expressed through accents of exposed wood, both within the oak, walnut or birch interiors of our bespoke furniture and with the inclusion of certain design features such as pocket drawers or floating shelves. In our modular kitchen range accents of wood can be found in the sawn oak extractor canopy, which also brings with it a lovely raw texture, as well as within the interiors where un-lipped birch ply is celebrated as one of our signature design features.

2) Sustainability – this need to connect with nature is also resulting in a more considered approach to our environment too. More people are making purchasing decisions motivated by a desire to reduce their impact on the planet. When you choose a high-quality, well made kitchen or piece of furniture from Rencraft you are investing in a product that has been designed to stand the test of time. Our furniture is built to last well in excess of 20 years, so it won’t need ripping out and replacing anytime soon. We are so confident in the quality of our craftsmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee to our clients.

3) Shop local – our local communities, the places on our doorstep and the sense of belonging to an area became key to many people’s well-being last year. By supporting local businesses you will also have a knock on effect on your green credentials; reducing distances travelled and boosting local incomes. Here at Rencraft we already have strong relationships with a number of local suppliers and we are proud to have been designing kitchens and furniture for clients in our local area for over 40 years.

4) Flexibility – of course the reason we were all using our local shops more last year was because many of us were working from home. As a result, our kitchen islands and dining tables have seen themselves being hastily re-purposed as make shift offices and classrooms. This need for flexibility within the home will result in a change of attitudes towards layouts. The focus on open-plan living may be replaced instead by a desire for what has become known as broken-plan design. Ultimately, this provides the best of both worlds through the clever use of widened doorways, arches and other features to create rooms that are carefully zoned while still allowing a sense of openness and flow.

5) Minimalism – if your kitchen is also your office then the last thing you need is piles of paperwork hanging around alongside last night’s pile of dirty plates and dishes. Carefully considered storage solutions that allow spaces to remain uncluttered will be more important than ever. Our designers are experts in making the most of every corner of a room, whether that be through the inclusion of an appliance garage, or a secret drawer, we will help to ensure that your kitchen not only looks beautiful, but also works wonderfully too.

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