2022 Kitchen Design Trends

After the roller coaster ride of the last 24 months, it’s fair to say that our homes have become more important to us than ever before.
Our safe place, our sanctuary, a space to find joy and to seek comfort from whatever is going on in the outside world.
Inevitably, these factors have started to filter through and influence our kitchen design choices too. So, here are our predictions for the top Design Trends that we think we will be big news in 2022 and why they are so important.


Exposed Wood

Sawn Oak Kitchen Display Sevenoaks

Exposed wood shelves, panels and door or drawer fronts are continuing to grow in popularity, either paired with some hand-painted cabinets to provide contrast, or as the main feature of the design. This desire to celebrate the natural beauty of the wood is a reflection of a growing trend towards sustainability, longevity and connection with the natural world.


Smart Storage

In a world of food shortages and problematic supply chains, many of us find reassurance in having a well-stocked larder, so it’s hardly surprising that demand for bespoke larder cupboards and pantries has soared. In addition to the need to store dried goods such as pasta and rice, we’re also seeing more of our clients opting for large fridges for fresh produce as well.


Bora Hobs

Black Painted Kitchen

BORA hobs with built-in extraction have been around for a few years now, but if anything their popularity is growing and they are now fast becoming one of the must-have appliances for any client embarking on a kitchen renovation. From a design perspective, these hobs gives much more flexibility in terms of layout, while also keeping your kitchen free from cooking odours.


Aged / Burnished Metalics

A bit of sparkle to bring joy to the home, underpinned with a sense of stability. After all, if this handle can roll with the punches and gently evolve with use into something even more beautiful then surely we can weather the storm too? Aged or burnished brass and copper both look fantastic and can be teamed with antique brass or mirrored splashbacks to provide unity across the room.



Bold Colour Choices

Bold, bright colour choices are another trend born from our desire for a joyful home. In recent years we’ve seen our clients choose to add hints of hot pink, burnt orange, teal and more to their hand-painted kitchen design, allowing them to truly personalise their space while also remaining safe in the knowledge that, should they wish, they always have the flexibility to paint again in the future.


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