Sleepovers are back! But, is your guest bedroom up to scratch?

With the news that the in-laws can finally come and stay over again as of Monday, many of us will be frantically spending the weekend re-organising our guest bedrooms. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your spare room is spruced up with style.

Bed Linen: In our opinion, you can’t beat white bed linen. Simple, classic and inviting. It never goes out of style. However, with current May temperatures a little unsettled (20 degrees and sunny one minute, 10 degrees and raining the next…) we also recommend giving your guests the opportunity to layer up if they are feeling a bit chilly. One easy way to do this is by arranging a couple of throws or blankets across the bottom of the bed. Stick to neutral tones for a calm, classic space but vary it up with different textures and materials such as wool or fleece, creating a bedroom that is not too warm, not too cold, but just right.

Plant life: House plants are having a moment right now, thanks to our growing awareness of the importance of nature to our health and wellbeing. So, scrap that old fashioned vase of flowers and pop a couple of quirky, hardy house plants in to your guest room instead. Low maintenance, leafy varieties like Snake Plants, Pothos or Palms will add a welcome splash of green to the room.

Storage: While your guests may be arriving with little more than an overnight bag, good storage is key to the success of your guest bedroom. Bespoke, handmade wardrobes with internal drawers and shelves provide useful additional storage for you and your family all year round, while ensuring that the room is tidy and uncluttered on the occasions when guests do actually come to stay.

Toiletries: If you really want to excel as a host, then in addition to a couple of nice fluffy towel for your guests to use during their stay, why not leave out a couple of carefully chosen toiletries as well? A bamboo toothbrush and a bar of local soap (such as the Kentish Soap Company ones stocked by our friends at the Eco Pantry) adds a lovely, thoughtful touch to your guest’s arrival.

Lighting: Soft lighting is so important, but with many guest bedrooms doubling up as studies or home offices it can be hard to get the balance right. Bedside lamps can help to create the right ambience. While blackout blinds on the windows will help to block out any early morning sunlight – ensuring your guests can enjoy a nice lie-in after the inevitable late night spent catching up over one too many glasses of vino!

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