Our friends at BORA have introduced a choice of different coloured nozzles for their BORA Pure, which means that cooking has never looked so good!

Choices include Black, Rose Gold, Red, Lime Green, Orange and Blue and we have all six on display in our Sevenoaks showroom.

In addition to the BORA Pure, we also have both the BORA Professional 2.0 and the BORA Classic 2.0 on display, so you can chat to us about the best option for you.

Whichever one you choose, there are many reasons why a BORA could be a great addition to your kitchen.

For starters, the German company has revolutionised kitchen design in the UK by introducing their vision ‘the end of the extractor hood.’ Their hobs have built-in extraction systems, so you no longer need to allow for a separate ceiling extractor, canopy hood or pop-up when creating your kitchen design. This results in greater flexibility when positioning the hob and less restricted views.

Each BORA draws off grease and vapour at the source, preventing the spread of unpleasant odours. BORA’s are also quieter than conventional extractors and, with some models including mix and match options such as twin induction hobs or teppanyaki grill/ hot plates, BORA gives you the freedom to incorporate exactly the right cooking system for you.

If you would like to know more about adding a BORA to your new kitchen then our design team can answer any questions you may have. A number of us have even travelled to Germany to visit the BORA HQ first hand.

In addition, we are also happy to sell BORA’s on a supply-only basis, simply email info@rencraft.co.uk or call 01732 762682 for a competitively priced quote.