Caesarstone: Launches Dark Series

In response to the growing trend for darker interiors, Caesarstone have launched their new Dark Series.

The collection introduces four new quartz shades – Black Tempal, Oxidian and Piatto Black (all with a natural finish), and Empira Black (with a polished finish). These new designs are joined by four ‘classics’ – Vanilla Noir, Piatra Grey, Raven and Jet Black (all polished). Together, these eight products come together to form the Dark Series, providing a wealth of choice to anyone considering a darker shade of quartz for their kitchen.

To celebrate the launch, Caesarstone’s Head of Design, Mor Krisher, describes the inspiration behind their design process…

“We look for inspiration everywhere and in order to design a series of products that truly captured the trend for dark interiors and kitchens, we turned our attention to the outside world, to the desert landscapes where natural stones are scorched by day and frozen by night, weathered by this endless cycle to produce the most wonderful patinas and textures.

We studied a huge variety of black and dark stones and they all had their own characters, some very simple and minimalist and some which were full of detail and vibrancy.

They all evoked different feelings within the design team; some stones felt naturally warm and comforting, while others had patterns and texture that felt epic in scale, reminiscent of the vast and rugged landscape from which they came.

We knew that it was essential to define these details in the new collection, to understand the different characters so that we could bring these elemental aspects of nature into people’s homes.

There is an organic quality to Caesarstone products, and this is just as important with dark colours as it is with our marble and granite styled surfaces. This is what we want in our homes, a visual and tactile connection to the outside world.

We’ve been working on our dark collection for several years. Black and dark colours are a rising trend in interior design. Dark colours are bold and dramatic. They can have within them so many different nuances, tones and tactilities that give them different character. They can be basic or sophisticated, daring or elegant, industrial or classic, traditional or modern.

As designers, we look for inspiration everywhere around us. We like to observe and experiment with different processes, materials, technologies and objects from nature. The world of stone is a major inspiration and for this collection we looked at dark natural stones like – basalt, black granites and marbles. We looked at their different characteristics and how they change over time after exposure to the elements.

After experimenting using various techniques and references inside our studio we developed some interesting directions for our new dark collection. We decided to go outdoors and take a journey to the desert to observe nature and explore the organic materials there. We were hoping to open up to a well of new ideas and inspirations and we succeeded in doing just that.

We began exploring the desert’s terrain. There’s an infinity to the desert with its beautiful minimalism, continuous landscapes and open vistas. It has a stillness and a silent power.

A closer look reveals that the desert is full of details. It has different contours, endless textures, colours and lifeforms. A rich ecosystem of life and new sensations begin under the night sky.

The darkness of night wraps you in a warm intimacy. It can give a sense of hominess and a special calm and quiet. A type of cocoon or envelope where inside, people gather together. It creates a totally new atmosphere where we feel and experience a different ambience.

In the night different senses are elevated, taste, scent, touch, and sound. Stone can be full of mystery. It holds history inside. We can learn a lot from stones. To the touch it can be very pleasing, organic, tactile and warm. The stone around us creates atmosphere and awaken feelings and emotion within us.

We wanted to see how various stones hold colours, tones, pigments at night. Night changes our perception of what’s around us. Just like the night, the Piatto Black redefine the interiors. Everything gets a new dimension, an infinite magnitude.”  – Mor Krisher, Head of Design, Caesarstone.

At Rencraft, our design team have many years experience working with our friends at Caesarstone as well as with other quartz, granite and stone partners. We will be happy to discuss your options with you, in order to help you decide on the best materials for your design.

You can also read our own blog post on the growing trend for darker kitchens here.




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