When it comes to kitchen colour schemes, green is enjoying a bit of a moment.

Hardly surprising, really. Especially when you consider its strong associations with nature and the natural world. After all, many of us have sought solace from the turbulence of the last few months by embracing the great outdoors. Long walks and a renewed appreciation of green spaces have been a much needed antidote to everything else that has been going on in the world. So, it is only natural, (no pun intended) that we would want to introduce a little of this into our homes.

Spiritually, green is believed to represent renewal, rebirth and growth. Writing this in the early days of spring 2021, with local businesses slowly bursting back to life after lockdown, these are easy sentiments to relate to. In addition, green is considered to be a balancing and calming colour that promotes health and well-being.

It’s little wonder that green is hitting all the right notes when it comes to designing our homes too, with clients selecting a variety of shades for their hand-painted kitchens.

In our Tunbridge Wells Design Studio we chose a lovely, olive green for our Classic kitchen display (pictured). This subtle, neutral tone suited the timeless elegance of the traditional, door in-frame cabinetry and bevelled door detail, complemented with brass handles and tapware.

Meanwhile, in our Sevenoaks showroom, our first ever Modular Kitchen display was hand-painted in an earthy, sage green inspired by the cover of one of our first brochures. For us, this is a green that is full of nostalgia. A solid, dependable shade that reflects the heritage of over 40 years of British design and craftsmanship.

While both of these displays feature more muted green tones, no retrospective of green Rencraft kitchens would be complete without mentioning the beautiful, bright shade chosen by one of our clients for her Victorian Townhouse a couple of years ago.

Named Green and Glorious on our website, the vivid tone was inspired by a stained glass window and used to add a bold splash of colour to the peninsula of this bespoke kitchen design. Offset by white worktops and cabinetry, this is a joyous and uplifting green. The colour also serves to unite the internal space with the lush flora and fauna of the garden, visible through the bay windows.

This ability to connect us to nature is where green really comes into its own. Colour psychologist, Karen Haller, notes that the human eye is able to differentiate between more shades of green than any other colour. Perhaps because our early ancestors needed to recognise different leaves and plants when searching for food. This, in turn, triggers feelings of safety and security – emotions often associated with a happy home.

In addition, green sits at the centre of the colour spectrum too. So it is, quite literally, easy on the eye. Yet another reason why green could be the perfect choice for your hand-painted kitchen design. For more kitchen inspiration, head to the gallery section of our website. Or, why not request one of our brochures?