Congratulations to Spitfire Racing!

Spitfire Racing

Rencraft are proud to sponsor Spitfire Racing, Judd School’s entry into the 2018 F1 in Schools competition.

The team have enjoyed huge success over the course of the year, winning no less than two awards and securing a wild card spot for the National Finals which took place in March at Silverstone Race Track.

At the finals the students were delighted to record the 11th fastest time in the country – a great effort for Judd School‘s first ever time entering this fantastic event.

Here Spitfire Racing team member and Judd School student, Jamie Bingham, tells us more…

“Spitfire Racing are a team of five students from the Judd School in Tonbridge that entered the F1 in Schools competition 2018. This competition tests hundreds of teams across the country to create a model F1 car in order for it to be fired down a track.

This competition centres around firing a 20cm finely engineered car down at 20m track in about a second. But there is so much more to it than that one second. Students are required to research fluid dynamics, use this research to come up with an original design on CAD computer software, adapt this design through virtual and physical testing through CFD programmes and finally manufacturing the car to highest quality possible. But this is only half the story. Students have to raise the money themselves which necessitates the use of sponsors and their subsequent return on investment. The project also encourages students to come up with a brand, develop a social media platform and create an intricate pit display.

We subsequently created the brand of Spitfire Racing. We then competed in the Regionals with our project. This was a huge learning experience, but we won an award for Research and Development and were given a wild card through to the National Finals at Silverstone Race Track.

At the Finals we were sadly unable to be one of the two teams that make it through to the Internationals in Singapore, but we made a very good case for ourselves. As a rookie team, we managed to get the 11th quickest time in the country and we also won an award for Innovative Thinking.

As well as being a hugely enjoyable experience for all involved this competition has also been unbelievably influential on career aspirations for us developing our passions. For me personally, as the Design Engineer, I now have a deep rooted desire to form part of the research and development of a real F1 team. This competition gave me many scenarios where I had to harness skills that would be transferable in such a job.

In addition, one real lesson learnt by the whole team was that behind any successful car – or kitchen company – there are numerous social media, marketing, financial and other divisions all working to make an item into a valuable product. The awards we won and the successes we enjoyed were achieved through the collaboration within our team and the tremendous support given by sponsors such as Rencraft, not through any one discipline alone.

I guess team work really does make the dream work…”

by Jamie Bingham.




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