Cooking with BORA

BORA Professional 2.0 cooking demo

Working in a kitchen showroom, we are surrounded by appliances all day and yet we rarely cook.

Last Thursday all that changed, when our lovely BORA rep Hilary arrived with bags of steak, salad and ciabatta rolls. Needless to say, we were all very pleased and excited to see her!

Hilary was here to demonstrate the latest addition to our Sevenoaks showroom; the BORA Professional 2.0.

We’ve had a BORA Basic in our showroom for a little while now, so we already know how efficient they are and how popular they are becoming with our customers. It’s safe to say that the BORA Professional 2.0 looks to be just as impressive.

In our showroom we have the Professional set up with a Teppan grill to one side and an Induction hob on the other, with the built-in extractor in the middle. Other configurations are available, allowing for maximum flexibility depending on the individual cooking needs of each client.

As you’d expect from a BORA, the Professional 2.0 really looks the part as well. We especially like the chunky dials that add a certain retro quality to the design, while the fact that the extractor is built-in means that you can include a BORA within your kitchen without having to worry about hoods or downdrafts.

But enough about the BORA, on to our delicious steak sandwiches! By now happily sizzling away we were all amazed by the fact that while we could hear and see the food, we couldn’t really smell it! The extractor was certainly doing it’s job well, as was Hilary who ensured the steaks were seasoned and cooked to perfection.

After just a few minutes on each side Hilary left the steaks to rest, so the end result was a pile of strips of delicious seared steak, caramalised on the outside and pink in the middle. After we had stuffed our ciabattas with steak and salad a rare thing descended upon the Rencraft office – silence – we were all too busy tucking in!

What’s the only thing faster than a Rencraft employee finishing a steak sandwich? A BORA rep cleaning a Teppan! Before she left, Hilary was keen to show us how easy the BORA is to keep clean – something she demonstrated in six simple steps…

  1. Scrape the Teppan always using a front to back motion to remove some of the residue (not side-to-side or circular)
  2. Wipe the residue with some kitchen roll
  3. Scrape using the front to back motion again, this time with water
  4. Run a soapy green scourer over the Teppan using the same front to back motion
  5. Wipe again with some kitchen roll
  6. Then rub the Teppan with a lemon wedge before wiping dry with a bit more kitchen roll

Ta da! Our BORA was back to looking beautiful!


A massive thank you to Hilary for popping in to feed us and to show us first hand just what the Professional 2.0 can do.

If you’re thinking of adding BORA to your kitchen simply ask your kitchen designer for a quick demo. We can also offer BORA’s on a supply only basis. Call us on 01732 762682 to find out more.




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