For many of us the idea of working from home is nothing new, while for some it is a concept that they have had to adapt to very quickly in recent weeks – resulting in numerous hastily set up laptops in kitchens and video calls conducted out of guest bedrooms.

However, it may be that this new way of working has also left you with a yearning for more. The desire to switch the daily commute for a day or two spent working from home. The realisation that, actually, you can be just as productive. In fact, some may say more so.

If this is you, then one thing is for sure; creating the right environment for your new found work-life balance is key. This is where some stylish home office furniture comes in.

Here are our top tips for how to create the ideal space to work from home.

  • Desk height – For an adult, the suggested height for a desk is 750mm from the floor. This should allow plenty of space for a chair to fit comfortably underneath. You also want to give careful consideration to your chair as well, ensuring you pick something that is comfortable but which also gives adequate support.
  • Storage – This is a crucial aspect of any home office. Shelving and drawers for files and books, as well as for stationary and computer equipment, are vital for keeping your office neat and organised. A popular desk arrangement is to have narrow drawers at the top with file drawers at the bottom.
  • Lighting – A desk light will usually be needed and an LED bulb is ideal for this purpose, being both energy efficient and strong. If working on a computer screen, the wattage in your desk light should be at least the same as your screen, which is usually around 60 watts.
  • Décor – Like it or not, the video call is here to stay. So you want a room that reflects your working personality. If opting for hand-painted furniture then cool, calm and neutral tones are ideal. Wood is always a sound choice for office furniture – choose from traditional oak, contemporary birch or sophisticated walnut.
  • Location – If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for your home office then you may want to get creative with the location. A bespoke manufacturer like Rencraft can custom make your furniture to size, enabling you to transform unused spaces such as a large landing area at the top of the stairs or even a quirky corner built under the eaves (pictured).

Whatever your requirements, or however much space is available, a dedicated and well-organised work space can be a valuable addition to your home. Not only will it aid productivity, it can also help to reinforce boundaries by allowing you to step away and switch off once everything is done.

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