Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Kitchen Design Trends 2019

The world of kitchen design is constantly evolving. Here are our top five predictions for 2019…

The days of fully fitted runs of kitchen cabinetry that fill an entire wall are waning, with many designs embracing a less fitted look and feel. Wall-mounted canopy hoods and chimney breasts have space around them, enabling the room to breathe and perhaps giving an opportunity to highlight other features such as exposed brickwork. Open shelves are returning to the kitchen too, providing an area to showcase all those gorgeous copper pots and pans that are just too stylish to be shut behind doors.

Modern Technology meets Natural Materials
We predict that you’ll see many more kitchen designs where natural materials sit harmoniously alongside modern technological advancements during the next 12 months. Clients today may be demanding the latest tech in terms of smart / connected kitchen appliances, or hobs with built-in extractors such as BORA, but when it comes to their cabinetry many people still prefer the raw, earthy look and feel of natural materials such as wood and marble, alongside good, honest design.

Looking at the year ahead, it seems that colour is one trend that is here to stay with blues and greens still remaining popular with our clients. This year the new twist is to use a single bolder, darker, more dramatic shade across the majority of the cabinetry with accents of wood, metal or perhaps even a splash of a striking, statement colour such as bright pink or burnt orange.

The use of warm metallic accessories such as copper, bronze and brass is another trend that has gathered pace and shows no sign of slowing down. Manufacturers have been quick to recognise the demand, with Quooker recently announcing that their Fusion Round and Square taps will be available in 2019 in Black and Gold and others, such as Perrin & Rowe and Armac Martin, continuing to offer a range of different finishes including bronze and brass.

British Made
“Don’t move, improve” remains the homeowners mantra for 2019, with people preferring to enhance their current property rather than risk the expense and upheaval of moving home. The desire to add value means that people are steering away from cheap, mass produced and imported items in favour of high quality, British craftsmanship as well as stunning design. For manufacturers like Rencraft, this makes it a very exciting year. Our workshops have been based on Chart Farm in Kent for almost 40 years and potential clients are always welcome to visit us for an informal chat with one of our designers, alongside a tour of our showroom and workshops.




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