When an art installation by world-famous British artist Luke Jerram pops up on your doorstep, it would be a shame not to go and take a look. Which is exactly what we did this Sunday afternoon.

The Museum of the Moon installation was located in Calverley Grounds as part of Tunbridge Wells Puppet Festival.

The installation attracted a lot of interest on social media and, being just a short stroll away from our Tunbridge Wells Design Studio on Calverley Road, we decided to go and check it out.

The grounds themselves looked glorious in the autumn sunshine, making the moon appear all the more spectacular as it floated against a backdrop of leaves in shades from red, to orange to green.

Jerram’s famous 7 metre spherical moon installation is accompanied by a soundscape of crackly astronaut recordings and ethereal music created by award-winning composer Dan Jones. Together they combine to form an immersive experience which has toured the UK in a number of indoor and outdoor locations including cathedrals, festivals, parks and gardens.

Here in Tunbridge Wells, we found the outdoor exhibition to be strangely mesmerising as the gently rotating sphere presented a unique perspective on the moon’s surface. Children and adults alike were drawn under its spell, allowing time for a brief moment of contemplation before heading off for an ice cream or some hill rolling (the kids, not the adults!)

All in all we had a lovely afternoon, and the exhibition also served as a fantastic reminder of how lucky we are to be based right here in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.