Our Day at BORA

Three of our designers were recently invited to spend the day at BORA LAB, the London showroom & experience centre.

Luke Newman from our Sevenoaks showroom give us a rundown of the day…

“Sarah, Steve and I arrived at the modern and elegant showroom where we were welcomed by our Area Sales Manager, Hilary Fielding, and shown through to the demonstration area which includes a raised island clad in 6mm stainless steel with handle-less doors. With a slight step up between the island and a bank of tall doors hiding a sink, cupboards and oven, the space provides a podium from which the BORA team can present from as they demonstrate their fantastic cooking appliances.

On display are configurations of their three hob ranges; BORA Basic with its circular downdraft extractor built into the centre of the hob, BORA Classic induction hob and wok and a downdraft slot between, and the BORA Professional with an induction hob, teppanyaki and motorised opening downdraft featuring front mounted LED display control dials.

Each product was demonstrated with ease by Hilary, who also answered commonly asked questions by potential customers. The features and level of smart engineering behind the appliances were also explained, as well as how to plan and install the hobs in either recirculating or ducted out situations.

The BORA kitchen perfectly demonstrates how the hobs can work with different choices of recirculating carbon filters and silencers, with all the workings visible behind the doors of the island.

After this informative training session, we were eager to get the chance to experience some real cooking on the very versatile teppanyaki. Cooking for eight, we filled the stainless-steel surface with fresh courgette, yellow pepper and asparagus with a healthy drizzle of olive oil. As this sizzled away, Hilary prepared a bed of salad on which she then placed the lovely evenly browned vegetables along with a honey and mustard dressing.

Next up were eight steaks, which all fit on the teppanyaki at once and were cooked off evenly and then sliced to finish off our delicious but quick and easy lunch.

Cleaning up was easier than you’d expect too. While the teppanyaki still has a small amount of residual heat (or using the ‘C’ clean mode to warm it), all it takes is a few quick scrapes with the scraper, wipes with a sponge and a little lemon juice, and its back to its clean stainless-steel look.

This was a very beneficial and fun way to really see the BORA principle in action. With a light shining across the top of the extractor, it was amazing to see all of the steam and spitting fat drawn downwards so fast, even with the recirculation motor on half power. Getting rid of the air and odours at source meant we left without smelling of steaks and cooking. The room smelled as fresh as when we first arrived!

For anyone considering buying a BORA, we can organise a similar hands-on demonstration at the BORA LAB where you can see it and try it out yourself.”




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