Spotlight On: Bespoke

Rencraft Painted Kitchen Practical Magic

Bespoke is a word used quite frequently in the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom industry – but what does it really mean?

One of Rencraft’s Senior Design team, Steve Sellen, sheds some light on what the term ‘bespoke’ means to us…

“Bespoke is a word that gets used quite a lot in the kitchen industry, to the point that the meaning is often diluted and the understanding of what is meant by the term ‘bespoke’ can vary significantly from company to company.”

“At Rencraft, we use the term to apply to a kitchen that hasn’t been designed from a pre-determined range of cabinets or finishes, but rather one that is made specifically to each client’s individual requirements.”

“This may mean adding extra details to a cupboard, or sourcing a particular finish for a drawer front. It can include everything from walk-in pantries, utility rooms and dressers right the way down to details such as the shape of a cornice. With a truly bespoke design the process may take a little longer, because each element is careful considered. The end result is a kitchen that is truly personal to you.”

“One example that springs to mind was a client who wanted a kitchen based on the film Practical Magic. They loved the American inspired gothic architecture and had been turned away be other bespoke kitchen companies because this precise look and feel wasn’t in their repertoire. At Rencraft, we were happy to help. We manufacture all our cabinets and doors in our own workshops, so we aren’t limited by standard, bought-in components. This flexibility allows us to listen to each client’s brief and interpret their needs in a way that is unique to them.”

“In the case of the movie inspired kitchen, our designer, Jonathan, created an archway of glass fronted cabinets supported by handmade criss-cross upstands that echoed the kitchen from the film. There were some new processes involved, and the end result was exactly what our client was looking for. That’s the real beauty of a bespoke kitchen, the freedom to design something that is exclusive to you.”

More images from the Practical Magic kitchen design can be found here.




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