TIPS: How To Host A Hassle Free Christmas

Rencraft Smoked and Mirrored Kitchen Design

There’s an old saying that all the best parties happen in the kitchen, and here at Rencraft we couldn’t agree more! With the season to be jolly almost upon us, here are our top tips for a kitchen worth going out in…

1) Chill out
No one wants to attend a party where the host is super stressed, so delegate tasks, plan ahead and try to remember that anyone on your guest list is a friend (or they certainly ought to be) so they really won’t mind if things aren’t quite as perfect as you want them to be.

2) Keep cool
The ideal temperature for white wine or sparkling is usually below 8 degrees C, while red wine is between 12 to 18 degrees C. Rencraft have partnered with Caple to offer a choice of wine coolers which are now a must-have item for many clients investing in a new kitchen design.

3) Home Bar Area
Dedicated bar areas are also increasing in popularity too. If you don’t have a bespoke bar area in your home then you can easily recreate one for the night by placing all the drinks and glassware together in one self-service area.

4) Snacks
If you’re serving alcohol you may want to make sure you have plenty of nibbles on the go as well. A kitchen island is a great, sociable spot to place crisps and canapes as you will be probably find many guests naturally gather in this area.

5) Music
Putting together a play list in advance can save a lot of hassle on the night and can ensure you create the right atmosphere. Guaranteed crowd pleasers like mainstream party tunes, 90s (or 80s) hits and disco classics will soon get everyone in the mood.




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