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Our modular kitchen is a carefully developed range of cupboards, available without the bespoke elements, in a choice of pre-determined shapes and sizes. Together, we’ll select the cupboards that best match your needs, creating a kitchen that is simple, practical and beautiful.

What makes a modular kitchen?

The modular range harks back to our roots. It’s a clean, classic style, influenced by one of our earliest designs; The Wooden Kitchen, first created almost 40 years ago. Some of our materials and processes have evolved since those early days, but the classic design that combines functionality with form remains.

Why we love modular kitchens


While the design process may be more streamlined with a Modular Kitchen, you can trust the quality of the product to be consistent throughout. Cut-in butt hinges, soft-close drawer runners with a lifetime guarantee, and cupboards made of birch ply for strength and stability.


The modular kitchen process is generally quicker than a bespoke journey. Without the intricate details or made to measure bespoke elements, the layout and build of our modular designs can suit those on a tighter schedule, while still proceeding at a pace that feels comfortable.


The removal of bespoke elements enables us to standardise the manufacturing process of our modular kitchens, which in turn is reflected in the price. Maximising your budget in this way can allow for greater expenditure on other design elements such as worktops or appliances.

A selection of our clients’ modular kitchens

Behind the scenes of our modular kitchens


The interiors of our modular kitchen are comprised of birch plywood and feature a raw, un-lipped edge, which highlights the natural detail of the wood. The doors are made of tulipwood with a central MR-MDF panel, a combination selected for the durable way in which it responds to our painting process.


All our modular kitchen cupboards are supplied primed, ready to be hand-painted on site for a lasting finish. Just as with our bespoke kitchens, you can choose any colour or combination that you desire and, if your tastes change in the future, you can always repaint for an instant update.

Finishing touches

The modular kitchen is the perfect blend between classic and contemporary kitchen design. Hand-painted cupboards are complemented by your choice of handles, worktop and splashback, enabling you to add your own personal touches.



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