Outstanding German design
for modern kitchens.

Alongside our own Rencraft kitchens, we also partner with SieMatic, the leading German kitchen manufacturer. SieMatic have over 90 years of experience in designing and creating kitchens. You can choose a complete SieMatic kitchen, or marry SieMatic units with bespoke Rencraft furniture in a show-stopping combination.

What makes a SieMatic kitchen?

Founded as a family business in 1929, SieMatic’s original philosophy has remained: to create kitchens that make life easier, and to bring delight every day. SieMatic kitchens are renowned for their sleek, minimalist designs. From natural stone worktops and stainless steel drawers, to glass cabinets and metal shelves, the use of materials in a SieMatic kitchen creates a beautiful design.

Why we love SieMatic kitchens

Dramatic designs

Offering three distinct designs, all SieMatic kitchens create a bold aesthetic. From the iconic handleless Pure kitchen, to the blend of open and closed units of the Urban, or the traditional motifs of the Classic design, each SieMatic range offers drama and functionality.

Quality finishes

SieMatic have developed their own ColorSystem range of 1,950 matt and gloss colours. SieMatic’s focus on longevity and evolution has seen extensive research into creating rich colours and finishes that ensure durability to guard against knocks, scratches and fingerprints alike.

Unique touches

Bespoke elements add surprising and delightful flourishes around the SieMatic kitchen. Aluminium, wood or laminate drawer accessories allow for interchangeable configuration, including separators, knife holders, and spice racks. Recessed handles are user-friendly without drawing the eye.

A selection of our clients’ siematic kitchens

Behind the scenes of SieMatic kitchens

Informed designs

Our designers have been working with SieMatic for 10 years now, and this experience shows. We have exceptional knowledge of the various products available, and together we will select the best cabinetry, materials and appliances to elevate your home.

Sustainable business

With ISO certifications for quality and environmental standards, SieMatic takes sustainability seriously. Similarly to our Sevenoaks workshop, wood by-products are used to heat SieMatic’s production plant. Lacquers are water-based, paints are styrene-free, and SieMatic is also FSC® certified.

Timeless styles

This sustainability extends into creating designs with longevity. SieMatic kitchens effortlessly blend sleek contemporary design with functionality, ensuring their kitchens work for your lifestyle for years to come.



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