The Rencraft Experience

What is a bespoke kitchen and why do I want one?

Welcome to the Rencraft Experience – the all-encompassing service a notch above bespoke.


In the world of luxury kitchen design “bespoke” is the buzz word of the moment and having an entirely original and individual kitchen crafted to your own specific needs, quirks and desires is the pinnacle of all our dreams. However, whilst the larder cupboard might neatly fit that tricky space in the pantry and your island can easily accommodate homework time, dinner prep and that much-needed glass of chilled wine straight from the fridge, does the bespoke experience somewhat lose its appeal when it begins and ends at the planning stage?

At Rencraft we would say “Most definitely not with us!”

Our Story

Rencraft was established in 1980 by Nick Pile and found its first home in the rural location of Chart Farm, just outside Sevenoaks. Nick’s vision was clear from the outset: to manufacture high quality, bespoke pieces of furniture using traditional woodworking methods alongside modern machinery, using a small team of talented and dedicated craftsmen.

Today the company is led by Managing Director, John Stephens who joined the company fresh out of school in 1986 and whose passion, dedication and unwavering commitment to each and every customer combines to create the truly bespoke Rencraft Experience; an ethos which percolates through every pore of the company.

Rencraft Kitchen Designer

So, what is the Rencraft Experience?

We understand that embarking on the kitchen design journey can be a daunting one and that’s exactly why we pride ourselves on the time and patience we invest into each and every project. To us, your kitchen design and build means just as much to us as it does to you, so much so that we will carefully handpick the kitchen designer who will best understand your wishes and requirements. And now here comes the really interesting bit …

We promise our clients that, with Rencraft, your personal kitchen designer will remain with you throughout your project and oversee every aspect of your journey. From our initial conversations, the first drawings and measuring up, to inviting you into our workshop to see how each piece of your furniture is being built by hand, through to the time-consuming sourcing of that archived paint colour you’ve had your eye on for years, and the meticulous hand painting of your cabinets after your kitchen’s final installation, we will be there to hold your hand.

Appliance Garage Bi-folding doors

Built to last

And not only is the quality of our customer experience second-to-none, so is the quality of our build. Our kitchen carcasses are typically made from plywood: thin sheets of solid wood placed one on top of the other. We choose plywood because we believe it is the best material for the task, as it allows the multiple layers to work together, so enabling the carcass to withstand movement, thus giving a superior product that stands the test of time.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality of materials and we are so confident in the standard of the furniture we produce that every Rencraft product is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

And it’s not just our kitchens’ longevity which we want to ensure – we’re committed to the environment too. It is our promise that we will ensure that all our wood comes from a reputable source, and we even recycle the majority of the shavings from the mill by turning them into briquettes which, in turn, help to heat our buildings.

Appliance Garage Bi-folding doors

Beautifully bespoke


Throughout its history, Rencraft has prided itself on offering customer satisfaction for years to come and this attention to detail is the reason why so many customers return to Rencraft for future projects or recommend us to family and friends. To us, people matter just as much as the quality of our kitchens and our designers focus on layout, interiors and practical solutions that work for you, as well as materials and finishes. Our bespoke approach means that we will strive to work around even the most awkward of spaces and we can draw upon our experience to offer guidance on everything from worktops to appliances, through to flooring dos and don’ts and the latest in clever storage solutions, right down to the solid wood cutlery insert in which to nestle your sushi knife and chopsticks … and not forgetting the all-important cosy nook for the dog’s bed by the Aga!

Welcome to The Rencraft Experience – beautifully bespoke kitchens with integrity.