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Kitchen Trends 2024

Discover the hottest kitchen trends coming in 2024!

Black Kitchen by SieMatic with Bora induction hob and Bora ovens.

Black Kitchens

When it comes to making a bold statement with your new kitchen, then plumping for a black kitchen is not only very on-trend in 2024, but it’s also unfailingly stylish and sophisticated.

But opting for such a dark colour can lead to some pitfalls so, if you’re thinking of choosing black for your new kitchen project, why not speak to one of our expert designers who will be able to help you achieve that all important balance between dark and light elements, as well as advise you on key features such as lighting.

This penthouse kitchen is the perfect example of how you can marry painted wall panelling with a deep earthy tone on the island, as well as a light coloured worktop, all brought together with subtle lighting by Buster & Punch. We also added accents of black with our use of Bora ovens in a letterbox arrangement and a Bora induction hob, Bora Tepan stainless steel grill and downdraft on the island to complete the look.

Black Kitchen by SieMatic with Bora induction hob and Bora ovens.
Green Butchers Block with Green Farrow and Ball Kitchen Cabinets

Green Is On The Move

Functional, stylish and flexible, freestanding furniture is set to be a popular trend in 2024 and, as we are big believers in creating kitchens from individually designed and handmade pieces of furniture, we couldn’t be more pleased.

This handcrafted table, complete with butcher’s block, is a fantastic addition to any kitchen space and an ideal way to freshen up a room with its vibrant and equally on-trend green hues. In this kitchen we have positioned the table in the middle of the room as an alternative to a kitchen island and completed the look with a stunning concealed breakfast pantry and Aga range cooker on either side.

Handmade cutlery insert knife block within drawer.

Stylish Storage

Stylish storage solutions are at the top of most of our clients’ wish lists and we firmly believe that the inside of our cabinetry should be just as beautiful as the outside. We don’t like to use metal racks but stick to what we know best – handmade wooden interiors which are expertly crafted to feel like exquisite pieces of individual furniture.

But it doesn’t stop there as practicality is also at the heart of all we do. So, if you’re looking for more space to store your baking equipment, want ample shelving to store dry goods in neatly labelled Kilner jars, or want to declutter your work surfaces but still have your coffee machine and blender easily available, then we will design the perfect solution just for you.

Handmade cutlery insert knife block within drawer.
Pink Kitchen Island with zoned living and a beverage station.

Zoned Living Spaces

With the kitchen being the central hub of the home, we often find ourselves all in one room but for different reasons. Take a weeknight, for example – homework needs to be tackled, sports kit washed, dinner prepared, the day’s events caught up on and a good old G&T needs making. So how do we spend time together all in one space without cramping each other’s style? The answer: clever zoning.

This project is a great example of a family who wanted to spend more time together in their kitchen but still wanted distinct areas for cooking, socialising and relaxing, as well as a spot for their stunning cocktail bar to help their parties go with a swing.

Contemporary kitchen design with SieMatic kitchen island, Buster and Punch lighting, Bora hob and Bora ovens.

Island Cooking

The kitchen island is almost always a must-have for our clients but 2024 is bringing a new edge to this firm favourite with trends such as combination and elevated islands coming to the fore. As well as designing show-stopping places to prep food and dine, we often introduce our clients to the concept of island cooking by asking the question: “Why cook staring at the wall, when you can face your friends and family and make it a more social experience?”

Our designers are extremely experienced in all things Bora and their elegant and minimalist induction hobs with built-in downdraft extractors make them the perfect choice for a kitchen island. You could even add a sink and under-counter refrigeration to make cooking whilst entertaining a total breeze.

Contemporary kitchen design with SieMatic kitchen island, Buster and Punch lighting, Bora hob and Bora ovens.
Black waterfall kitchen island with orange insert and handpainted green cabinetry.

Bold Colour Choices

Colour has popped back into our lives in 2024 in a big way and glossy magazines are awash with ideas of how to incorporate the famous Peach Fuzz into our lives. It’s essential however, that any colour choices are carefully considered before taking the final plunge into the paint pot and that is why our expert designers are perfectly placed to assist you with your choices.

This project is a wonderful example of how really bold colour choices can work in perfect harmony together in a cleverly designed space. With the right advice, you might even be brave enough to be bolder than you think, so why not make an appointment with one of our designers to see how you can push the colour palette boundaries in style!

High Drama Marble

We like to view marble as a piece of art rather than just a work surface and that’s why we are delighted that high drama marble is pushing itself forward in 2024. Gone are the days of plain white work surfaces and now we are welcoming bold colours, jaw-droppingly beautiful veining and even fluted marble sinks in to our homes.

If you’re keen to choose a bold statement piece to create a stunning focal point in your new kitchen then our showrooms in Tunbridge Wells are a must visit, as is a chat with one of our designers who can advise you on the pros and cons of using natural materials in your kitchen and guide you on style and colour choices to complement your kitchen cabinetry.

Modern Bespoke Kitchen

Metallic Tones

When it comes to metallic tones, this kitchen island really is the dream! We sourced these bronze flat-fronted panels with patina finish especially for our client who wanted to blend the simplicity and straight lines of the waterfall island with the beauty of bronze.

To add the perfect finishing touch, we also added subtle lighting to allow the metallic hues to glint and glow, as well as evolve throughout the day. Whether the island is basking in the morning’s natural light or glimmering in the peace of the evening, it is a truly beautiful feature to behold.