Sussex Country House Shaker

Ticehurst, East Sussex


A 5 bedroom detached family home in a rural village.

In a Nutshell

A hand painted Shaker kitchen looking out across the Sussex countryside with a large central island, walk-in pantry and spiral wine cellar looking out across the Sussex countryside.

The Brief

The client first came to us with plans for a substantial extension to an existing build and wanted to create a spacious kitchen for their sociable family with an Aga range cooker, a large kitchen island with plenty of storage and room for seating, as well as a spiral wine cellar.

The kitchen was to be relocated from the front of the property to a new space which runs across the back of the home and one of the primary goals was to take full advantage of the views over the newly landscaped gardens and swimming pool.

The client also wanted to include a bootility room and a walk-in pantry to create clutter-free living with ease and we provided access to these within a seamless run of hand painted cabinetry through the use of secret doors to avoid breaking up the flow of the kitchen.

We also designed and handcrafted a bespoke bar area in the dining room and a dressing room with vanity table, drawers, open shoe storage and wardrobes at this property.

Grey painted shaker kitchen secret door with walk in pantry
Grey painted shaker kitchen with Aga range cooker and coffee nook and Bora induction hob on a kitchen islandSpiral wine cellar in luxury kitchen and views to swimming pool and garden

Interior Architect, Jonathan talks through the design process.

Project Details

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The client was keen to keep as much clutter away from view and so we built a walk-in pantry with ample shelving for dry goods, as well as features such as an in-drawer knife block and spice rack below the hob for ease when cooking, as well as further cupboards and a wine chiller within the island. In addition we also designed an appliance garage with bi-folding doors which is used by our client as a coffee nook, with plenty of space for machines and mugs to be hidden away.

We hand painted the cabinetry around the periphery of the kitchen in a light grey to reflect the natural light streaming in from the high windows and skylights and then added a contrast to the island with the choice of a darker blue-grey tone which complements the wooden accents of the open shelving and flooring.


The client was keen to include a large range cooker in their design but also wanted to have some ancillary cooking and so we introduced them to the idea of “island cooking” by positioning a Bora induction hob and downdraft facing out into the rest of the room. In addition, we included an oven stack with Miele steam ovens for special occasions when entertaining large numbers of guests and extra oven space is required.

For ease of packing away groceries we positioned a large fridge and freezer next to the walk-in pantry, both of which were integrated to match the secret doors leading to both the pantry and bootility room.

“From the very beginning, the client had a very stylised, spiral wine cellar on their wish list and so this was always paramount in our minds when deciding where to position the kitchen island as the informal seating area needed to engage with the wine cellar and the more formal dining area in the open plan space. To ensure a flow between the three zones we created a separate bar position which was just off the kitchen so that the social, entertaining space was kept separate from the main cooking area of the kitchen, whilst still maintaining a connection between the two.

We also added some interesting and fun aspects to the design with the use of secret doors which lead to the bootility room and walk-in pantry, the latter of which the client named as her favourite feature. In fact, the pantry is large enough to accommodate a stool so that she can occasionally hide herself away to complete admin tasks without fear of being disturbed!”

Jonathan Reynolds – Interior Architect

Kitchen island with cupboard storage

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In this project we also designed a bootility room, as well as a dressing room area for the master bedroom. To find out more about these other rooms just head to the next case study!