Shaking up the Shaker!

What really is a Shaker kitchen?

To Shaker or not to Shaker?


Choosing a design style for your new kitchen is exciting but it can also be nerve-wracking as you weigh up the pros and cons of plumping for one of the latest kitchen trends versus a timeless style like Shaker. It’s no accident that “Shaker kitchens” is one of the most searched for kitchen terms on Google, but what is a true Shaker kitchen and how can we identify it correctly?

Over to Rob, one of our Rencraft designers: “A Shaker door must be handcrafted from high quality wood and composed of a flat, recessed centre panel surrounded by a raised frame, giving a total of 5 elements.”

Making door decisions

Whilst the Shaker style is centred around simplicity, there are a number of different options you can consider when choosing your doors.

The Classic – If you want a kitchen that isn’t going to date then the original Shaker may be for you with its outer stiles measuring between 80mm to 110mm and no beading for a clean, classic look.

In-frame – This style is often described as a country or farmhouse style due to the mock frame which sits about 25mm around the perimeter of the door itself.

The Skinny – If you prefer the look of a larger central, recessed panel then this slimmer version may be more your thing with the outer stiles measuring between 60mm to 70mm, but still without beading.

The Beaded – If you fancy a little more detail to your doors then why not consider opting for some beading around the central panel to allow the outer stiles to blend more seamlessly into the recess?

Add a splash of colour

At Rencraft we prefer not to let colour cloud your style choices and we encourage you to leave your discussions about blush pink versus teal to much later on. All of our cabinetry is primed in our workshop but it isn’t hand painted until after it has been installed in your home, so you are free to hand which ever shade of Farrow & Ball or Benjamin Moore (other paints are also available!) to our painter once you have decided on the perfect pantone to suit your new living space. This year blues, greens and greys have remained firm favourites, but pink has crept into favour, as has black for a truly dramatic design. And if you find it hard to choose a colour, then why not consider choosing one shade for your wall cabinetry and then add a contrasting splash of colour to your kitchen island or pantry for a truly bespoke look?

Get a handle on things

This is your opportunity to add more of your own individuality to your kitchen design and our experienced designers certainly know their Buster & Punch from their Armac Martin. We have a range of handles, cups and knobs in both our Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells showrooms in a choice of different finishes, materials and colours and we will also advise you on the final placement of your chosen handle on each of your cabinets. This may sound like an obvious decision, but we prefer to think of our cabinetry as pieces of individual furniture in a room and the placement of a particular handle can really alter the overall look, even when talking about the difference of just a few centimetres, or even less.

Mix it up

If you love the Shaker style but are also considering a less traditional design choice, then fusion is the name of the game! Our talented designers are also experts in SieMatic, as well as our very own sleek, modern Rencraft style which allows you to explore the idea of marrying the simplicity of the Shaker cabinet with a handless, slab door, glass cabinetry, hidden spaces, and even metallic elements for that all-important wow factor.