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The thirty second tidy up


We’ve all had that horrifying moment when there’s an unexpected visitor at the door and you realise the breakfast things are still scattered across the island, the blender hasn’t quite made it back into its awkward spot at the back of the cupboard, and let’s not even begin to think about the mud-caked sports kit which is waiting to be tackled.

So how can we go about ensuring that keeping our homes free of clutter is as easy as Mary Poppins’s magical clicking of the fingers? The answer? A cleverly designed kitchen which lends as much attention to the inside of the cupboards as the outside.

Blue and pink Shaker Kitchen Island

Out with the old

Whilst many of us may live in older, period properties, the way in which we live our lives has changed hugely over the last few decades and we no longer want a kitchen which is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the house. The kitchen in 2023 is the central hub of the home, a multi-functional hive of activity which is no longer just for cooking and eating, but also used for socialising, entertaining, working from home, the dreaded homework and, most importantly, relaxing.

And, with the kitchen being such an important room in your home, it’s essential that it’s a tidy, uncluttered space where everything (including the emergency New Year’s Eve party wine glasses and Christmas themed Bundt tin) has a home.

Blue and pink Shaker Kitchen Island

Perfectly tailored to you

It’s often said that one of the most important elements of a kitchen design is what’s behind the doors, but regular surveys of homeowners suggest that over 60% of us are unhappy with our kitchen storage. It’s certainly true to say that, when our clients first come and see us at the beginning of their new kitchen journeys, the majority have “plenty of storage” at the top of their wish lists.

Fortunately for our clients these are details that we are expertly experienced at featuring in our designs because when we say our kitchens and living spaces are handmade, we mean exactly that. Be it a Rencraft kitchen, boot room, cinema room or bedroom, we will get to know you, your space and your lifestyle before designing and building your cabinets from scratch, meaning that every element of your design is perfect for you.

Pink Kitchen Island with zoned living and a beverage station.

A kitchen as individual as you

And whilst some people might refer to quirky corners, low sloping ceilings and awkward alcoves as tricky spaces which need to somehow be worked around, we prefer to think of them as individual features which should be embraced.

Our bespoke kitchen design service means that we think of simply everything and offer beautiful, well-considered solutions which are both practical and stylish because we understand that getting the zoning right can make all the difference to how your kitchen looks and performs.

Pink Kitchen Island with zoned living and a beverage station.

Here are a few of our favourite bespoke solutions

The walk-in pantry

If you’re a keen cook or have your heart set on winning The Bake Off, the struggle of keeping all your dry ingredients in a neat, functional & organised space will be real. But don’t despair because a walk-in pantry is the answer to all your lost pasta flour woes! Just imagine a world where you can stand and view your rows of perfectly aligned glass jars at eye level, as well as label their contents so that whatever you’re looking for will always be ready to hand. And, if space allows, your pantry can also help you alleviate competition for worktop space with the inclusion of a marble work surface perfect for prepping.

Larders and appliance garages

One of this year’s kitchen trends is freestanding furniture and this means that larders have become a must-have feature. But why not make it more than just a simple storage cupboard by adding power points, transforming your cupboard into an appliance garage and creating a space for you to stow away items such as the kettle, toaster and blender.

Not only this, a beautifully designed bespoke cabinet will also provide you with ample storage, as well as free up wall space, so creating a more relaxed personal living space and giving you back hanging space for that beautiful mirror or piece of art.

Hidden away

Sometimes it’s a shame to interrupt the flow of a run of cabinets with a doorway to the utility or boot room, so why not speak to us about incorporating a ‘secret’ door into your kitchen design. This clever concept will allow you to avoid a disjointed look, as well as inject some fun and flair into your living space; definitely one to impress your guests with at your first dinner party in your new kitchen!

On display

Having considered some of the hidden options and their benefits, don’t close your mind to open storage. Floating shelves are a very popular choice with our clients, as they provide a stylish way to display your more decorative and treasured items.

As well as shelving, we also regularly design open storage features under kitchen islands, pantries and a multitude of other nooks and crannies, including under the stairs and even in a disused chimney breast!

Walnut flat front drawers

Keeping order

We are huge fans of nifty solutions for less glamorous items such as pull-out bins and recycling containers in addition to solid wood cutlery inserts, wine racks, vegetable storage, concealed knife blocks in drawers, bespoke drinks cabinets and all manner of carefully thought-out drawers.

Wide, deep drawers allow simple organisation of pots and pans all in one accessible space and the simple design addition of a graduated drawer means lids can be stored separately to any shallower pans. A simple pan rack can also be added to a deep drawer, meaning no more rattling or scratching of your pans, or how about storing chinaware in deeper drawers, with the simple addition of a pegboard which can neatly separate dinnerware sets.

We can also make the matter of organising your shallow, top drawers (where cutlery and utensils tend to be stored) a breeze by making bespoke inserts to house everything from your chopsticks to your vintage hand whisk and candy thermometer.

Walnut flat front drawers

Practical and perfect in every way

Whichever bespoke solutions you decide on with your kitchen designer, whether you’re a budding Mary Berry or a stickler for tidiness, your new Rencraft kitchen will delight you with more storage than Mary Poppins’s famous carpet bag.